QuellocheIvrea is a collective of young students who discusse about city using a street magazine called “Quello che voglio dirti di Ivrea” consisting in photographs, illustrations and short stories.

This year I’m tha Art director of the new issue of the magazine.

Thanks to research and analysis of the urban context during a series of workshops which took place from October to December, I coordinate an extraordinary team of under30 students to the realization of this magazine.


What can I say about Ivrea? What Ivrea can tell me?

During workshops the focus is on these two questions.

Outcomes of the meetings is a double-face magazine composed of a front side where the thoughts of the students are expressed by a series of posters, clear images and strong slogans composed by them and a back side, where Ivrea itself speaks through a skyline made of silhouettes and historical stories.

A great collection of ideas for the magazine started a few months ago when citizens sent postcards to the editorial staff using the appropriate mailboxes arraned throughout the city.

Hundreds of written and illustrated postcards about city enjoyed us and gave us the energy to pursue the goal of the project.


The project “Quello che voglio dirti di Ivrea” is the result of a cooperation process between ZAC! Cooperative and Dynamoscopio Association, it ‘s the winning project  of the call Open2Change and it’s sponsored by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.