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I began to draw using Formine from 2019; since then, they became trademark of all my works.

The name Formine was born from my sister’s fantasy. One day, observing a whole bunch of stencils carved in plastic on my desk she said

“What do you do with all these Formine?”

I used to call these silhouettes Stencils. Her invented name was immediately played, it was colourful, playful… clear spot-on.


Elisa Francioli (Ivrea, Turin) is an Italian illustrator and multidisciplinary artist.

At 17 she fell in love with a painter, broke with scientific studies and began to draw. A few years later the love story with the painter was over but that with draw continues even now.

Today Elisa realizes illustrations for magazines, editorials and books. She won different national competition like Ventaglio per il presidente, Naviganti Award, People in Mind, Biblioteca giardino in movimento. Her work has been selected in international exhibitions like Bologna Children Book Fair, Terras Gauda exhibition (Spain), Trnava Poster (Slovakia).

Her clear and versatile technique has enabled Elisa Francioli to work on a broad range of projects and to experiment different communicative languages from editorial to design, from objects to visual art.

Elisa Francioli aims to encourage people using art to serve the community. She is very passionate to the connection between art, education and social service; she thinks that the artistic sense forms cultural awareness and allows social development.

Since 2014 she taught, held workshops and didactic activities in several schools and associations, dealing with topics related to the creativity and the illustrated language for both children and adults.