Last Saturday, at Migrant Center of Ivrea, I started a new session of labs for children focused on emotions.

First emotion we talked about was ANGER.


Many children love talk about Anger and personal situations were they felt this emotion.

After a collective brainstorming children were divided in group. Each group had the task to draw an animal and cut it into little bits. Some bits were traded between the groups and each group had to assemble a monster with the obtained bits.


SUMMARY How to create a monster:

Step1. Choose some animals

Step2. Draw them

Step3. Destroy the animals (with the hands or scissors)

Step4. Compose new figures using pieces of different animals


Children’s creations have been reported on black papers and cut. The silhouettes obtained were mounted on shadows theatre and were photographed by themselves.

Monsters are realized from children to children. Thanks to Ugi Association the intention of this lab is to create large-format prints to permanently exhibit in the pedriatic department of the hospital in Ivrea.